MagTecta™ Contacting Face Seals

The MagTecta is a magnetically energized bearing protector, installed in tens of thousands of applications world wide. Designed to fit where traditional lip-seals or labyrinth seals fit, the MagTecta™ range features two sets of seal faces, offering double the protection of a conventional design.

Magtecta- Magnetically energized bearing protector


Magnetically energized bearing protector

The MagTecta™ range includes two sets of seal faces. These products, in the opinion of AESSEAL®, are the world’s first modular dual face bearing protectors, offering double the protection of a conventional single seal face design.
Magtecta-OM- Bearing Protection – Oil Mist


Bearing Protection – Oil Mist

The MagTecta-OM™ is a face seal that prevents oil mist pollution and has been applied to thousands of pieces of equipment in the hydrocarbon processing industry.