High Performance Mechanical Seal

The CFFC™ and HPVD™ are dual seals. (The CFC™ and HPVS™ are the single versions.)

These robust seals are designed for use on difficult applications, including oil pipeline pumping, water injection and boiler feed duties.

  • High speeds - Stationary multi-spring designfor even face loading

  • High pressures - Robust seal-faces minimize the effects of pressure distortion 

  • Monolithic seal-faces - maintain flatness under temperature fluctuations

  • Axial displacement capacity to accommodate machine build tolerance and differential thermal expansions

  • Seal face design optimized using FEA and hydrodynamic algorithms

  • Seal-face loading factory set and statically tested prior to despatch

  • Sculpted lug drive for improved torque transmission

  • Compact and robust design allows seal to be fitted on close bearing centre pumps

CFFC - High Performance Mechanical Seal
CFFC Cross Section

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Suitable for the following industries

  • Oil and Gas Pump Seals