Canister Double Monolithic Stationary Convection

The CDMSC™ is designed specifically for Mixer, Agitator and Reactor applications. Based on the modular technology of the DMSF™, this externally mounted cartridge seal incorporates many design features to help increase seal life. This seal does not incorporate bearings – for mixer seals incorporating bearings, please see our Mixmaster range.


  • Monolithic seal faces provide maximum face stability in high pressure and high temperature applications, improving seal life

  • Large contact area of seal face drive prevents damage to faces in stop / start applications and viscous fluids

  • Large internal clearances to maximize seal cooling or heating, extending seal life

  • Can accept greater radial movement than many competitor seals

  • Offered with an integral cooling or heating jacket which imroves the seal environment and extends seal life

  • Sizes available from 1.250" to 8.000" (30mm - 200mm)

Canister Double Monolithic Stationary Convection

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