The reliability consultants AVT Reliability Limited® (AVTR), a fully owned subsidiary of AES Engineering has won £8 million of new orders globally for its Cloud/Internet of Things and Remote Data Centre (RDC) business.

This technology, collectively branded as Machine Sentry, allows UK-based reliability engineers to collect and monitor data on the health of factory machinery all over the world, in order to ensure reliable performance, avoiding breakdowns and potential environmental accidents.

The largest contract is for the remote collection and analysis of data on off-shore platforms. Other significant wins have been in the USA in Pulp and Paper, a UK based water authority and a 24 plant global roll-out in the cement industry.

A recent installation in Togo, Africa at a facility that had never previously engaged in Condition Monitoring demonstrated how quickly a plant can be surveyed, gateways and wireless internet of things Machine Sentry sensors installed and training provided.

Chris Rea Managing Director of AES Engineering Ltd, the holding company of both the AVTR and AESSEAL groups said:

This technology means that it is both practical and cost effective to deliver a Condition Monitoring solution in Africa within a week and provide professional support in a remote data centre more than 3,000 miles away. This demonstrates that the Fifth Industrial Revolution is a reality.

The orders coincide with the launch of a new Machine Sentry Fixed Wireless Data Collector, Machine Sentry Fixed 02 (MSF-02), which has dramatically improved performance compared to the original Machine Sentry Fixed Wireless Data Collector launched in 2017.

The original product had a range of 50 feet and maximum of 25 could be connected to a single gateway. MSF 02 has a range of over 300 feet (100 meters) and up to 100 can be connected to a single gateway with almost instantaneous data transfer to The Cloud and Remote Data Centres. The RDCs can either be manned by the user or by the reliability professionals that work for AVTR®.

The price point for wireless data collection, storage in The Cloud, automated reporting and diagnosis and human analysis, makes the technology both practical and affordable. MSF 02 is being sold at the same price as the original version, which was itself state of the art when brought to market in 2017.

AES Engineering Ltd, AVTR’s holding company, based in Rotherham South Yorkshire, has produced a kids’ video as part of its outreach programme. The video takes a minute to explain The Internet of Things and The Cloud, an industry sector that they believe is destined to grow massively.

Machine Sentry Fixed 02