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Pump Packing

Packing is required to reduce leakage to the atmosphere, by sealing a rotating shaft in a stationary housing.

Pump packing is used for high shaft speeds. Pump packing contains specially formulated lubricants to aid on equipment start up and ensure packing pliability for a longer life.

STYLE-210 - Pump Packing


100% ParaAramid continuous fibre with PTFE impregnation and a special dynamic run-in lubricant, silicon oil free.

Good for abrasive products, wear-resistant, universal packing particularly suited to the sewage and paper industries
STYLE-274-270 Pump Packing


Combination braid made of ePTFE/Graphite and ParaAramid Fibre with run-in lubricant.

Excellent heat conductivity
STYLE-290 Pump Packing


Synthetic fibre with PTFE impregnation and silicon-free dynamic run-in lubricant.

High durability and flexibility
STYLE-325 Pump Packing


Carbon fibre with special Graphite Impregnation and silicone-free run-in lubricant.

Graphitised all-round packing with excellent emergency run capabilities
STYLE-330 Pump Packing


Highest Grade Carbon fibre, impregnated with specially-formulated dynamic silicon-free run-in lubricant.

Excellent versatility
Packing Style 333


Combination braid from carbon reinforced expanded graphite tape and carbon fiber, with run in lubricant

Self lubricating excellent use in pumps, minimizing the need of Flushwater
STYLE-335 Valve Packing


Braided from expanded graphite tape, with structural carbon fiber reinforcement

Excellent standardisation coefficient, universal plantwide use in static and rotating applications