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100 % Carbon / Graphite fibre combination with special impregnation


  • Pressure stable but pliable packing material
  • Temperature resistant minimal volume loss
  • Thermal coefficient of expansion of the packing set is similar to the packing housing material of the sootblower

For soot blower applications with steam temperature up to max 400 °C. The construction uses in multiple layers extrusion resistant and wiper rings in combination with special rings, made from flexible, expanded graphite. All rings are supplied with but cut. The best function is achieved in combination with our LIVESTAR BES Live Loading System. Special designs with softer spring force and enlarged spring way are available as L10RB, L12RB or L3/8RB, L1/2RB. Best performance is achieved when assembling a suitable bronze bearing bushing in the stuffing box. This supports the soot blower lance and the packing is radially not over compressed.