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Simple installation for use without barrier fluid

The Packing Compound System was developed for the pulp and paper and the chemical industries and is suitable for the application in mixers, kneaders and similar equipment. Due to its excellent pliability, the DVS System can also be used on worn shaft surfaces.

Only the top and bottom rings need to be precise dimensioned. Due to the special fibres and the suitable lubricant, the Sealing Compound is of universal use. The loose compound will be held in place with a top and bottom ring shaped in a special geometry. Additional Material and Compression is applied by a hydraulic feeding unit. The DVS needs little maintenance, and due to its loose structure it doesn’t wear the shaft surface.  


  • Simple installation

  • Use without barrier fluid

  • Maintenance free

  • Shaft-protecting

  • No adjusting of the gland

  • Re-pressurise in operation

Suitable for the following industries

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Pump Seals
Pulp and Paper Pump Seals