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Component Seals

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AESSEAL® has one of the most comprehensive component seal product portfolios available. With some 10,000 product lines available from stock. Our modular seal technology – which can be quickly configured in 10 million permutations, is enough to meet 90% of engineering applications.

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As well as a comprehensive range of standard inventory products, we’ve spent £millions in developing a range of seals components

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CS - CSC - Component Seal


External Seal with Non-Metallic Parts

An external seal with non-metallic components in contact with the media being sealed.
NCE - Component Seal


Non-Chemical External Seal

An external seal with metallic components in contact with the media being sealed.
SAI - Component Seal


Internal Balanced Component Seal

The SAI™ is a short internal balanced mechanical seal for use with the AESSEAL® SO5 seat.