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Visible support for children's hospice

AESSEAL is proud to join for a second year with Rotherham United FC as a Diamond Partner in helping support and publicise Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.

For the 24/25 season, the hospice will be featured on RUFC team shirts, in the space normally given over to commercial advertising or sponsorship, in a deal supported by AESSEAL and the club’s other Diamond Partners including Hughie Construction, IPM Group, Mears Group, and Steelphalt.

AESSEAL Donates £8,500 to local School for Tree Walk Project

AESSEAL gives back to the local community with a donation of 8,500 to Redscope Primary School in Rotherham.

AVT Reliability Saves UK Pipeline Company £90,000 with Advanced Monitoring Technology

By swiftly confirming that critical pump bearings were undamaged, AVT Reliability's advanced Machine Sentry Reliability kit prevented significant losses and enabled proactive monitoring for future peace of mind.

We have a heart

At AESSEAL, we believe in the synergy of human and machine to build, learn, and sustain the heart of industry. Our commitment goes beyond keeping machines running, it's about preserving our planet for future generations.

Contamination crisis averted for Spanish Metalworking Company
Contamination crisis averted for Spanish Metalworking company

Discover how AESSEAL's DMSF™ double cartridge mechanical seal saved a metalworking company in Northern Spain €20,000 annually.

Large Business Employer of the Year Awarded at 2024 South Yorkshire Apprentice Awards

We are excited to share that AESSEAL plc has recently won the 'Large Business Employer of the Year' award at the 2024 South Yorkshire Apprentice Awards ceremony held at Magna Science Park on Thursday 23rd May 2024.

Reliability improved for UK waste energy company Enfinium with LabTecta bearing protector.

Discover how leading waste to energy company Enfinium overcame bearing oil leakage with AESSEAL's LabTecta bearing protector. 

AVT Reliability tops £20 million turnover

AESSEAL's fellow group company, AVT Reliability, exceeded £20 million turnover in a 12-month period for the first time.

AESSEAL achieves elevated safety and reliability for leading UK manufacturer

Discover how a major UK metal processing company overcame reliability issues with critical chemical pump seals.

Is your steam turbine showing signs of wear and tear?

Like a fifty-year-old Antwerp refinery, turn to AESSEAL® when equipment manufacturers fall short. Our STS replacement cartridge revives turbines, prolonging life and enhancing performance. Don’t let age compromise efficiency.

Eliminating Safety Hazards: AESSEAL's CURC Seal Solution Triumphs at Spanish Biofuels Plant

Discover how AESSEAL tackled safety hazards at a Spanish biofuels plant, offering a long-lasting solution with their CURC™ mechanical seal conversion, preventing leaks and damage for six years.

Eleventh consecutive gold in health and safety excellence

AESSEAL plc has received the RoSPA President’s Award for exceptional health and safety performance during 2023.

AESSEAL Sponsors Get Up To Speed with STEM for 7th Year, Empowering Future Innovators

In the commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers, AESSEAL proudly sponsors the 2024 Get Up To Speed with STEM (GUTS) event for the seventh consecutive year.

The wireless sight glass for your 53B

Enhance System Reliability with System Sentry. AESSEAL are thrilled to introduce System Sentry, your all-in-one solution for monitoring the health of your 53B system with unparalleled simplicity and efficiency. 

AESSEAL latest in video

In a fast-moving global business, it’s vital to give customers and colleagues a quick overview of the latest and best we offer. Fed up with boring corporate videos?  Two and half minutes watching this update will leave you wanting more. 

Choose AESSEAL for your sealing solution fast

If you need a quick response to a supply issue involving mechanical seals, AESSEAL can quote on the spot and deliver quickly and reliably once the order is confirmed. How do we do it? Find out how we put the latest technology and the best people at your service.

Wastewater plant extends seal life

A UK Waste and Water company in Wales was faced with seal failure on its ditch rotor, leading to seal failure every month. But after installing AESSEAL’s LabTecta®66FS, the game changed.

AESSEAL and DMG Mori cooperate in energy-saving breakthrough

In what is believed to be a global first the Japanese plant of DMG Mori, a world leading machine tool manufacturer, has supplied AESSEAL in Rotherham with energy-friendly machine tools designed to work directly at European standard voltages, avoiding a wasteful transformation step.

AESSEAL invests in AI: The Times

AESSEAL’s investment in the future, including leading edge AI technology to improve quality, productivity and customer service features in a major article in The Times newspaper.

How the Labtecta®FS is bringing greater reliability and lower costs

Watch this month’s Rapid Video to see how changing to the AESSEAL® Labtecta®FS is saving a US coal mining company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

UK engineering breakthrough could prevent flaring and venting from oil and gas fields

A UK engineering breakthrough could solve the problem of flaring and venting from oil and gas fields and help clean up energy production.

Water management slashes US giant’s maintenance costs

A major US food and beverage company called on AESSEAL to help with leaking pumps that were contaminating process fluids and wasting more than a million gallons of water per day.

Net Zero Champion 2023

The managing director and founder of AES Engineering and AESSEAL, Chris Rea, was voted as Net Zero Champion in the first ever Engineering and Manufacturing Awards at a special ceremony in London.

2,000 reasons for success

The AES Engineering Ltd group, including AESSEAL and AVT Reliability, has taken on its 2,000th employee worldwide, as its global expansion continues.

Do your Oil and Gas seals meet the required standards?

Nothing makes an oil and gas engineer angrier than a seal that leaks and based on our experience, numerous seals lack the API 682 test certificate.

That is why at AESSEAL, we provide significantly more sensitive tests that provides our customers with a higher level of confidence when installing seals to mission critical equipment operating in hazardous fluids.

Hospice Praises Diamond Sponsorship

Rotherham Hospice says that a partnership with local businesses including AESSEAL, putting the charity's name on Rotherham United FC team strips, has had a "huge impact"

AESSEAL launches key Japanese Partnership

The AES Engineering Group Ltd has established a strategic partnership in Japan, joining forces with Torishima Japan Co., Ltd. as part of the Group's ongoing global growth strategy.

AESSEAL Celebrates Support for the Master Cutler’s Challenge 2023

AESSEAL® are thrilled to announce spectacular success in supporting the Master Cutler’s Challenge 2023 for the eighth year. The team have raised an incredible £3,879.20 for the Wentworth Woodhouse Charity.

AESSEAL Dragon Awards 2023

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of AESSEAL’s Dragon Awards presented by Managing Director Chris Rea at Rotherham.

AESSEAL CAM Apprentice wins Rotherham Apprentice of the Year

An AESSEAL employee has won one of the top awards in this year's Rotherham Apprentice of the Year competition. Maisie Caudwell, a CAM Programmer Apprentice who joined the company in July 2022, was the winner in the Advanced Category of the competition.

AESSEAL launches key Chilean Partnership with ALTE Industrial S.A.

The AES Engineering Group Ltd has established a strategic partnership in Chile, joining forces with ALTE Industrial S.A. as part of the Group's ongoing global growth strategy.

STS steam seal updates UK Ethylene plant

AESSEAL stepped in when a mission critical general purpose steam turbine at a UK Ethylene production facility developed leaks and the original OEM seal housing was no longer available.  We updated the 40-year-old turbine with a modern non contacting STS mechanical seal within two weeks.

Ground-breaking seal for large reactor applications

AESSEAL has built one of its largest ever mechanical seals using cutting edge materials and a revolutionary three-section structure. AESSEAL has built one of its largest ever mechanical seals using cutting edge materials and a revolutionary three-section structure.

AESSEAL ‘Factory for the future’ in The Times

AESSEAL’s ‘Factory for the future” has featured in the print edition of The Times, under the title ‘Rotherham opens door to future of manufacturing’. Group Managing Director Chris Rea says: “I have no doubt that for Rotherham, and the business, the best is yet to come”.

Machine Sentry - Trusted HAZLOC certified condition monitoring for hazardous environments

MSF-02 condition-based monitoring technology is HAZLOC certified to operate in the most challenging locations. Count on the team at AVT Reliability to keep your machines monitored through the night.

AESSEAL wins second Princess Royal Training Award

AESSEAL has been honoured for the second time with the Princess Royal Training Award for its exceptional training and development initiatives. This recognition, endorsed by HRH The Princess Royal, has been given to just 52 other recipients within the Class of 2023.

Engineer's Worst Nightmare: Plant Failure During a Public Holiday

A competitor mechanical seal on a critical reactor at a UK chemical plant failed on a public holiday. AESSEAL was contacted to urgently supply a SCMS DWB within 24 hours, preventing plant downtime and saving the customer over £1.7 million ($2.2 million).

Oil and Gas company increases meantime between failure by 1100%

A North African Oil and Gas company faced competitor seal problems from high temperature, poor cooling, and inadequate lubrication, causing coking and oil leaks every 2 months. AESSEAL installed API 682 compliant CAPITM and FDU Fluid Distribution Unit, raising Meantime Between Failure to 24 months and counting.

PFAS Materials Statement

AES Engineering Ltd are aware of proposals put forward by the EU, USA and other regional market places to impose restrictions, stringent control measures or ban entirely use of PFAS materials.

Do the planet a favour – stop the steam

Director & General Manager at AES Engineering Ltd Jim Hamilton is the latest industry expert to call upon the global Oil and Gas industry to adopt known technology to stop steam leaks and reduce CO2e emissions.

AESSEAL W.A. launched in key Australian investment

AES Engineering Group Ltd has made another key acquisition in Australia, providing country-wide coverage as part of the Group’s ongoing global growth strategy.

Now how did that happen?

AESSEAL is proud to be a “Diamond Partner” supporting Rotherham United FC’s decision to put Rotherham Hospice on its championship shirts for the 2023/2024 season.

Heavy duty slurry seals save Australian mine $5 million USD

AESSEAL’s heavy duty slurry seals reduced maintenance costs at an Australian coal mine, extended the operational period and delivered a more reliable, safer and environmentally friendly operation.

AESSEAL celebrates supplier sustainability

DMG MORI and Kite Packing win inaugural supplier sustainability awards. DMG MORI and Kite Packing win inaugural supplier sustainability awards.

AESSEAL wins gold RoSPA award for tenth consecutive year

AESSEAL has been announced the winners of the gold Presidential Award by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

If machines could speak, what would they tell you?

ADA can predict when bearings are about to fail and detect a wide range of other common fault conditions.

AESSEAL Sponsor Get Up To Speed with STEM for 6th year

AESSEAL attended the recent Get Up To Speed with STEM event as Gold headline sponsors for the sixth year running.

Concrete solution delivers $6.7 million (£5.5 million) savings

A major UK manufacturer of Aircrete blocks called in AESSEAL to tackle persistent machine failure due to contamination of the bearings in the wheels of its autoclaves. We recommended LabTectaOP bearing protectors.

Striving for Sustainability

AESSEAL is delighted to have been singled out by ADM, one of the world's largest nutrition companies, for our contribution to their sustainability in their 2023 Supplier Recognition Day.

AESSEAL a winner in two categories at the 2023 Pump Industry Awards

AESSEAL was named the winner both in Contributions to Skills & Training, and Environmental Contribution of the Year

Copper mine cuts water usage by 95%

A South African copper mine called in AESSEAL because it was suffering from process leakage when pumping sulphuric acid and slurry – using more than 40 litres of water per minute for each of its 24 pumps.

AESSEAL wins another top apprenticeship award

AESSEAL received the Manufacturing Apprenticeship/Training Scheme Award at the Made in Yorkshire Awards 2023 ceremony.

An Around the World Update: AES Engineering Group Environmental Projects

The past year has seen significant developments in the number of AESSEAL environmental projects, with £11 million and counting spent as part of the AES Engineering Group ‘29 by 29’ investment pledge.

AESSEAL maintains Authorised Economic Operator (AEOC) status, reducing delivery times for Global Customers

AEOC status means that a company’s exports and imports are given priority when passing through UK customs controls.

AESSEAL picks up two prestigious High Sheriff Awards

Recognized as a Regional Apprentice Champion, and for Supporting Employment Opportunities for Women in Engineering and Manufacturing, AESSEAL is proud to support the employment of apprentices within South Yorkshire. In addition, we are very proud to drive opportunities for Women in Engineering.

Stop the Steam!

AESSEAL managing director Chris Rea calls on senior oil and gas industry executives to stop unnecessary steam leaks requiring the equivalent of a rain forest of 100 million trees to counteract the damage to the planet.

Lasts 4 years and saved three million gallons of water

A Canadian pulp and paper company chose AESSEAL for this notoriously difficult application. As well as lasting over three times as long as the competitor system, the accompanying water management system saved three million gallons of water.

BSI Promotes AES's Net Zero journey

The globally-recognised standards body, BSI, has published a case study of AES Engineering / AESSEAL’s journey to achieve Net Zero on all scopes.

Here comes the sun – in Tarragona

As part the AES Engineering Group pledge to invest £29 million by 2029, a project to fit solar panels has been completed at our premises in Tarragona, Spain.

Carbon capture for all?

Technology designed by the University of Sheffield to make carbon capture more accessible and affordable, which was developed into a prototype with AESSEAL’s help has been shortlisted for The Engineer magazine’s prestigious “Collaborate to Innovate Award”.

Global expansion continues with USA acquisition

AES Engineering Ltd further increased its reliability services and product offering in North America by acquiring a controlling stake in reliability company, DATUM RMS, for an undisclosed sum.

Betterworld water scores

Georgie Kelly (pictured) from Rotherham United Football Club, and his colleagues are opting for multi-use bottles and filtered and chilled water supported by the Betterworld.Solutions campaign which is backed by AESSEAL.

AESSEAL helps students get up to STEAM at North Star

Around 650 young people enjoyed an “out of this world” experience at the North Star STEAM workshops sponsored AESSEAL for the third year running. 

Exterminate II - SA joins the group drive to eliminate waste

AESSEAL South Africa gets behind the AES Engineering group campaign to reduce unnecessary packaging and plastic waste and finds it is also exterminating some costs!

Refinery steamed up over energy waste

Check out our latest rapid video to find out how AESSEAL has helped a UK oil and gas refinery make well over $2 million in savings by eliminating steam leaks from its turbines – and that’s just the start!

Presentation of Queen’s Award at AESSEAL

The Rotherham-based engineering company AESSEAL plc was this week presented with the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development 2022.

New Lieutenancy Fund brings AESSEAL charitable giving in S. Yorkshire to £2.3 million

The new £500,000 Lieutenancy Fund adds to the £1.8 million already committed by AESSEAL plc to support charities in South Yorkshire.

AESSEAL voted UK leader in customer satisfaction

AESSEAL has been judged the UK leader in customer satisfaction for companies in the largest independent survey carried out across the whole economy.

AES Engineering global expansion continues with acquisition of Vibtech Analysis in Canada

AES Engineering Group has increased its reliability services and product offering in Eastern Canada with the acquisition of Vibtech Analysis Ltd.

£1m solar farm in India (and much more)

AES Engineering Managing Director Chris Rea’s latest video diary on our 29by29 pledge has updates from India, the United States, and almost £10 million committed to date on environmental measures across the group.

AESSEAL Dragon Awards 2022

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the AESSEAL Dragon Awards. Managing Director Chris Rea presented the awards at Rotherham and via video conference on Tuesday 27th September.

Introducing Betterworld Water

The Betterworld.Solutions project, supported by AESSEAL, has launched a campaign to encourage the introduction of re-usable glass or plastic bottles, filled with water that is chilled and filtered on the premises.

Wins for AES Engineering in sustainability awards

AES Engineering has been recognised in multiple categories of the South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards.

Solar panel investment saves more than £600k annually

AESSEAL, the founder of Betterworld, say with energy prices now soaring, they are about to benefit to the value of £636,500 a year from inspiration and best practice sharing from Betterworld member, Gripple Ltd.

A nation mourns

All at AESSEAL are deeply saddened to hear the news about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Il.

AESSEAL have two finalists in Rotherham’s 2022 Apprentice of the Year Awards.

At a ceremony on Thursday 1st September, Emily Allen won Rotherham’s Advanced Apprentice of the Year award for 2022, whilst Molly Fletcher was a runner up finalist in the same category.

Stacking up for the environment

AESSEAL believes that a new plan to recycle wooden pallets has all-round benefits for the company, a key supplier and the environment.

£8 million orders for Machine Sentry

Reliability consultants AVT Reliability Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of AES Engineering has won £8 million of new orders globally for its Cloud/Internet of Things and Remote Data Centre business.

AESSEAL gets RoSPA gold award

AESSEAL has received a RoSPA health and safety gold award for the ninth consecutive year. The award recognises our commitment and passion for keeping people safe at work.

Pressure mounts for ‘correct’ machine tool voltage.

Betterworld.Solutions campaign, backed by AESSEAL, to encourage global machine tool manufacturers to supply equipment at ‘native’ three-phase voltage is moving forward, but is the industry really going through a transformation?

29by29 - £7 million and counting

In his latest video diary AES Engineering Managing Director Chris Rea reports on progress on the 29by29 pledge, including the more than £7 million of purchase orders made by mid-January.

Silver award in Defence ERS

AESSEAL has been granted the Silver award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme for its support of defence and the armed forces community.

TOP UK Manufacturing Apprentice Employer 2022

AESSEAL is the top UK apprentice employer in the manufacturing sector for 2022, according to the Department of Education’s annual rankings.

Learning to help in South Africa

As a successful business with a strong social conscience, the AES Engineering group, including AESSEAL, supports a number of philanthropic projects in various parts of the world. We focus here on South Africa and the work of the AES Charitable Trust which supports literacy in junior schools.

Tasty solution for Nestlé Purina

Check out our latest rapid video to find out how AESSEAL helped a major food manufacturer facing multiple shutdowns due to failing lip seals.

New BHAG for new era

To become the leading global reliability business, delivering solutions to help industry save water, energy, cut pollution and create a better world.

Enjoy the solstice with AESSEAL

As we celebrate the passing of the Summer Solstice, the official start of Summer, we thought we’d share an image of the wildlife flower area which borders the pond and tree walk at the AES Engineering headquarters in Rotherham.

Time lapse: Future proofing the environment

The future is on the way … but we have speeded it up a bit in case you can’t wait to see progress on our Factory of the Future.

In memoriam Gordon Bridge

In memory of Gordon Bridge who passed away on Thursday 26th of May at St. Luke's hospice in Sheffield surrounded by his wife and two daughters, at the age of 76. He will be deeply missed by friends, family and colleagues.

“Smartphone” initiative for Rotherham’s asylum-seekers

AESSEAL is partnering with the Mears Foundation to help asylum-seekers, temporarily housed in Rotherham, to communicate with their families and support groups.

Planet-saving potential of USA pulp and paper.

Check out our rapid video to find out how the USA pulp and paper industry could deliver huge benefits to the planet - and improve profits - by tackling wasteful evaporators.

Solving sticky problem saves Chemicals giant millions

How AESSEAL helped a customer facing a week’s lost production, due to excessive radial movement in a mixer paddle shaft.

Record £20 million March for AES Engineering

AES Engineering Ltd turnover topped £20 million for the first time in March 2022, pushing organic growth in Q1, 2022 to over 16%.

AESSEAL receives Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development

AESSEAL has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the sustainable development category.

How to save $2 million dollars … and the planet

Check out our latest rapid video to find out how AESSEAL helped a customer by upgrading black liquor evaporators to dual mechanical seals and water management.

Verified: Beyond Net Zero

Audited figures show that AES Engineering’s net impact on the planet in reducing carbon emissions in 2021 was equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by 18 million trees.

AESSEAL NSW Pty Ltd launched in key Australian investment

The AES Engineering Group Ltd has announced the launch of AESSEAL NSW, partnering with two leading New South Wales companies, in line with the Group’s ongoing global growth strategy.

Exterminate! What we are doing about non-recyclable packaging and plastics

AESSEAL and the AES Engineering Group are targeting non-recyclable packaging and plastics. And unlike the early Daleks we know how to take steps.

World Water Day: Spotlight on sustainable sealing in pulp and paper

AESSEAL sealing & water management systems save an estimated 25 billion US gallons of water annually, a minority of industry is using this available technology.

AES Engineering strengthens the Canadian market with acquisition of PCS Sealing, Edmonton, Canada

A Performance Compression and Sealing Company, which specialises in fluid sealing products & services, has sold a controlling stake to AES Engineering Ltd.

The future starts here

Construction is under way on AESSEAL’s ‘Factory of the Future’ at Mill Close in a project bringing the company’s total investment in Rotherham to £61 million ($80 million).

Road to Net Zero ‘paved in … plastic’?

The use of 36 tonnes of ‘M8’ plastic road surfacing material for AESSEAL’s Factory for the Future has saved the equivalent of 40,000 single-use plastic bags from going to landfill and has offset 279kg of CO2.

Sealing Solutions for Pulp and Paper Series

AESSEAL invites you to attend our 2022 series of informational webinars covering different aspects of sealing rotating equipment in the pulp and paper industry.

Imagine a life without seals. Both kinds.

That’s why for one day only, on March 3, to support #WorldWildlifeDay, we changed our logo.

Our most important stakeholder

AES Engineering Managing Director Chris Rea explains in this short animation how £29 million ($40 million) of environmental investment by 2029 is part of a business journey that puts the planet first.

Pulp and paper: why profits are evaporating while the planet burns

Chris Rea explains how some of world’s largest energy users, in the pulp and paper and biofuels sectors, are throwing money on the bonfire of our burning planet, by unnecessarily evaporating billions of gallons of water. 

Praise for AESSEAL’s climate action from DMG MORI

Major global machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI sets out its policies to combat global warming on Betterworld.Solutions.

Net Zero journey hits the news again

The British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA) is the latest to pick up on AES Engineering Group’s 29by29 planet-friendly investment

Top Honours at RNN Group Apprentice of the Year Awards

We are especially proud of the achievements of Ben and Molly at last night's prestigious RNN Group awards event.

AES Engineering Ltd’s #29by29 investment pledge in the news!

The Yorkshire Post has featured the group’s environmental investments in a new article highlighting how we are leading by example and encouraging best practice by demonstrating what is both practical and possible on the path to Net Zero.

It's National Apprentice Week and we have had over 80 Apprenticeships via the RNN Group so far

Here at AESSEAL we actively support and encourage apprenticeships within every department of our business.

£7 million and counting of planet-friendly investment

Get all the details about our 29by29 update.

AESSEAL branding to remain up in New York lights until 2027

AESSEAL has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with Rotherham United FC to continue as the club’s Stadium Naming Rights Partner for a further five years.

Betting on batteries for greener power

AES Engineering Group has placed a £1.3m ($1.8 million) order to reduce emissions at our Rockford US headquarters, AESSEAL Inc

It’s a Net Zero goal, for Rotherham United FC

Rotherham United FC takes a step towards a zero carbon with two Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers at the AESSEAL New York Stadium

Green investment for AES India

AES India has placed an order worth £530,000 ($720,000) for advanced battery storage.

Back to AESSEAL's future with Forbes magazine

The leading US business magazine, Forbes, showcases an exclusive interview with AES Engineering MD Chris Rea

The roof is not the limit

The solar panels on the roof of AESSEAL’s Mill Close factory in Rotherham are just one of the more visible results of the group’s pledge to spend £29 million by 2029 on environmentally friendly investments.

AES Engineering Ltd’s global reach strengthened by acquisition of JAtech Services Canada

Leading Canadian asset condition monitoring specialist JAtech Services has become part of the AVT Reliability Group following its acquisition by Rotherham-based AES Engineering Ltd.

COP26 and the chances of a Better World

As opinions circulate about the achievements, or lack of them, coming from the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, it is hard to remain optimistic.

Ava speaks out for a Better World

AESSEAL’s marketing coordinator, Ava Jones, represented the Betterworld.Solutions project at the cop26 event.

Trees: the best carbon sequestration ‘technology’?

Do current standards discourage business investments in trees and tree-planting?

AESSEAL plc Donates £25,000 to The Standing Tall Foundation

The Standing Tall Foundation offers vital support for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our society.

Tell the Truth and Save the Planet

On the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference, MD Chris Rea puts the case for truthfulness and ethical behaviour in business.

Sheffield’s Clean Air Plan

The council reports that air pollution, caused primarily by diesel vehicles but also other modes of transport, contributes to 500 deaths a year within the city

What can £29 million by 2029 buy for the planet?

MD Chris Rea sums up how the Group's £29 million by 2029 investment pledge will be spent.

The Supply Chain's Climate Challenge

MD Chris Rea looks at the challenge of persuading suppliers to cut their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Tackling Supply and Value Chain Emissions

MD Chris Rea looks at what businesses can do to help by considering their supply and value chains and the all important Scope 3 emissions.

The economics and benefits of solar energy

MD Chris Rea shares the initial findings in line with the company’s promise to show environmental leadership

Business Masters in Sustainability

The award-winning run continues for AESSEAL as the Business Masters 2021 Sustainability Award is presented at a ceremony in Leeds. The Company and its owner are committed to operating ethically and sustainably.

Group to go Net Zero for Scope 1 and 2 emissions this year?

AES Engineering MD Chris Rea is predicting Net Zero in Scope 1 and 2 emissions for the global group in 2021 as a result of latest developments in the company’s £29 million by 2029 investment pledge.

Power resilience and a reduction in carbon footprint. What’s not to like about battery arrays?

In the second video diary of AES Engineering’s £29 million by 2029 campaign, MD Chris Rea announced that AESSEAL had placed an order for a battery array storing up to 1.2MW. You may be asking why and what are the benefits of this?

Director Achieves Best Northern Finance Director of a Global Company

Claire Dickinson, Group Finance Director at AES Engineering Ltd. based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire has been awarded the Best Northern Finance Director of a Global Company Award at Northern Finance Director Awards

Two AESSEAL Apprentices Achieve Rotherham Apprentice of the Year Awards 2021

AESSEAL plc apprentices Lewis Massie and Harry Long, have been named Apprentice of the Year in the Rotherham Apprentice of the Year awards 2021.

Solar panels go up at Mill Close

AES Engineering‘s commitment to investing £29 million in environmentally friendly projects by 2029 becomes even more visible.

‘£29 million by 2029’ investment pledge on the eve of Climate Conference

The company plans to invest in, among other things solar panels, battery storage and other energy-saving measures, as well as investigating a wide-range of other measures including tree planting.

AESSEAL Dragon Awards 2021

Our 2021 Dragon awards recognise our colleagues who have been outstanding in what they do at AESSEAL, particularly with all the challenges of the last 12 months.

AESSEAL wins Sustainable - Ethical Manufacturer Award

AESSEAL has been recognised for its commitment to mitigating climate change, winning the Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award in the prestigious Made in Yorkshire Awards.

Eighth RoSPA Gold award for AESSEAL

AESSEAL has been recognised as a world leader in health and safety with its eighth consecutive RoSPA Gold Award.

AESSEAL supporting investment in local community

In 2021 the company has helped secure investment from the £3.6 billion Town Fund set aside by central government.

AESSEAL plc goes beyond Net Zero

Separate evaluations were carried out on Scope 3 emissions, which include indirect emissions in the company’s value chain such as business travel, and on the emissions avoided by the installation of one of the company’s leading edge environmental systems.

AESSEAL wins another Queen’s Award for Enterprise

AESSEAL has received the Queen’s Award for Industry for Enterprise in the Innovation category for a specialised mixer seal of the type required in vaccine manufacture and other complex industrial operations.

Get Up to Speed the Virtual Experience

AESSEAL rallies students to combat global warming. Sustainability will be key message at Get Up to Speed the Virtual Experience.

Helping improve hygiene standards in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry

AESSEAL is pleased to announce that the US patent application a CIP cleanable barrier fluid system (EasyClean™) has been granted (US 10844961).

AESSEAL goes virtual to promote engineering to students during pandemic

AESSEAL has taken its award-winning student outreach work online to ensure it continues to help bridge the engineering skills gap in South Yorkshire during lockdown.

AESSEAL plc has donated £400,000 to Laptops for Kids

Enough funding to supply connectivity to every disadvantaged child in South Yorkshire and kickstart the campaign in its home town of Rotherham.

AESSEAL announces shift to electric vehicle fleet

AESSEAL has invested £250,000 to introduce electric vehicles at its Rotherham headquarters.

AESSEAL MD Chris Rea awarded highest accolade by IMechE

Chris Rea, Managing Director of Rotherham based AESSEAL plc, has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

AESSEAL plc achieves net zero UK CO2 emissions

Launches global campaign to help industry combat climate change

AESSEAL Dragon Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the AESSEAL Dragon Awards - as voted for by their colleagues.

AESSEAL achieves International Standard for industrial cybersecurity

ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognised international standards for industrial supply chain security.

Working together to support customers and keep colleagues safe

As the lockdown eases in the coming weeks, we will continue to work hard to restore operations to pre-lockdown levels

Service Level Update, In Light of the COVID-19 Outbreak

AESSEAL would like to reassure customers that in the coming weeks and months we will continue to deliver the high level of service you have come to expect from us.

Bridging the Engineering Skills Gap

AESSEAL steps up student engagement to bridge engineering skills gap

Major investment in US manufacturing division

AESSEAL has increased capacity in its US operations with investments totalling almost $16 million.

AVT Reliability’s global reach strengthened by acquisition of Van Geffen

Leading Dutch asset condition monitoring specialist Van Geffen has become part of the AVT Reliability Group following its acquisition by Rotherham based AES Engineering Ltd.

AEO status to cut waiting times for global customers

This internationally recognised status is a global mark of quality that shows that the company’s international supply chain is efficient, compliant and secure.

Awarding Employee Excellence

Exactly one year after being awarded as the inaugural Business of Trust Champion by the Lord Mayor of London, AESSEAL recognised employees with its very own.

World’s first IECEx compliant short canister mixer seal

AESSEAL is now able to offer the world’s first IECEx compliant short canister mixer seal (SCMS) range.

AESSEAL Smashes Sales Record

Manufacturer achieves three consecutive months of record-breaking sales results.

Women in Engineering Advocate Joins Board of AESSEAL

Carolyn Griffiths FREng F Eng IMechE appointment announced ahead of International Women in Engineering Day

AESSEAL reports impressive sales boost

Another successful year, posting an 8% rise in organic sales and currency adjusted profit up by 17.4% in 2018

AESSEAL Celebrates 40th Anniversary

AESSEAL is celebrating its 40th anniversary, with a series of events and a promise to continue investing and innovating.

It’s win-win in bridging the skills gap for AESSEAL and its apprentices

AESSEAL invested over £500,000 in 2018 to double its apprentice intake, and its apprentices have garnered a clutch of awards in recognition of their success.

AESSEAL to share sealing expertise at FoodTech

Global mechanical seal manufacturer AESSEAL will display its water saving products and food industry expertise at international trade fair FoodTech

EEF Manufacturers Organisation Award

AESSEAL has won regional recognition at this year’s prestigious EEF Future Manufacturing Awards.

AESSEAL Wins Grand Prix at British Engineering Excellence Awards

AESSEAL is celebrating again after securing two awards at the prestigious British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs), which recognised its commitment to promoting engineering as a career.

AESSEAL named Business of Trust Champion in national awards

AESSEAL has had its commitment to responsible business practices honoured in the national Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards at a ceremony held in the Mansion House in London on the 25th September 2018.

Hurricane Florence - AESSEAL and its customers

AESSEAL is grateful that its East Coast staff and operations are largely unaffected by Hurricane Florence. Our thoughts are with our customers, their staff, their families and the people affected at this very difficult time.

AESSEAL Inc to exhibit at global Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia

AESSEAL Inc, will exhibit a wide range of its industry leading products at the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia (TPS) in Houston, USA, in September.

AESSEAL wins prestigious Princess Royal Training Award

AESSEAL has received a national Princess Royal Training Award for its ‘outstanding’ training and development programme.

Introducing the new MagTecta-S Bearing Protector

The MagTecta-S™ uses proprietary magnet seal technology and can eliminate more than half of all bearing failures.

A leader in customer satisfaction, says independent survey

AESSEAL is a UK leader in customer satisfaction, says independent survey, earning top scores in the UK’s largest independent customer satisfaction survey

AESSEAL plc increases their Apprentice Intake for 2018 to 40 places

AESSEAL reports that it has had an active apprenticeship programme for many years, but with a high bias on apprenticeships for machining.

AESSEAL Records Significant Sales Increase

Rotherham-based engineering firm continues to invest for growth, has reported a significant 12.5 per cent rise in sales in 2017

Updates on the Master Cutlers Challenge 2018

SINCE 2008, fundraisers across the region have raised more than £1 million for good causes through the Master Cutler's Challenge

Award wins make it a treble for AESSEAL

AESSEAL® has reaffirmed its position as an industry leader and training innovator with success at two prestigious awards ceremonies.

Top industry award honours unsurpassed AESSEAL founder Chris Rea

Fellow professionals in the British Pump Manufacturers' Association (BPMA) selected Chris for the honour in the prestigious Pump Industry Awards

Popular USA training events back at AESSEAL Inc

AESSEAL Inc is pleased to be able to offer further Equipment Reliability training courses designed to increase mean time between failure, maximize rotating equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

Pupil safety profits from AESSEAL support

Budding young business leaders at South Yorkshire’s Laughton Junior and Infant School have notched up more than £750 in profits so far to help fund a ‘lollipop person’ outside their school.


AESSEAL are proud to announce that for the third year running, they are the Main Event Sponsor of Get up to Speed with STEM.

Additional configurations for Short Canister Mixer Seal

AESSEAL® has revealed a recent development to it’s popular SCMS (Short Canister Mixer Seal).

IP69K rating for LabTecta OP

With an IP69K rating offered as standard, the LabTecta® OP can be used in areas where high pressure equipment washing is common.

AESSEAL plc picks up a prestigious RoSPA Award

AESSEAL plc achieved the Gold award in the prestigious annual scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Hurricane Harvey - AESSEAL and its customers

AESSEAL is grateful that its Gulf Coast staff and operations are largely unaffected by Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts are with our customers, their staff, their families and the people of Texas and Louisiana at this very difficult time.

AESSEAL investment in Dry Gas Compressor Seals

To meet a huge demand for both new and repair of Dry Gas Compressor Seals, AESSEAL® is pleased to announce a further £500,000 investment in their testing facility.

Record sales for AESSEAL secures further future investment

Record sales for AESSEAL® at just under £16 million, nearly £2 million greater than the previous record breaking month for the business.

New LabtectaTP

AESSEAL® have announced the launch of the NEW LabTecta®TP designed for the protection of tilting pad bearings.

New LabTectaM

AESSEAL® have announced the launch of the NEW LabTecta®M Bearing protection for electric motors.

Made Here Now launches new website to inspire next generation of engineers

Made Here Now, the UK-wide initiative to encourage more young people into manufacturing as a career, is celebrating a major milestone with the launch of a new website at MadeHereNow.com, containing inspirational videos, success stories and photography

Prestigious health and safety and environmental management award

AESSEAL® was one of 14 organisations worldwide which were successful in winning the ‘double’, both the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour.

5-Year Service Agreement with SABIC Geleen

Leading petrochemical company SABIC has awarded AESSEAL a 5 year managed reliability contract.

AESSEAL wins gold in the RoSPA Awards 2016

AESSEAL has won a gold award in the 60th year of the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2016.

3rd International Rotating Equipment Conference

AESSEAL are happy to announce our attendance and presentation of a training seminar at a ‘Pumps, Compressors and Vacuum Technology’ Conference.

AESSEAL Wins 5-Year Service Agreement with Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd has awarded AESSEAL a 5 year managed reliability contract for their mechanical seals at Lindsey Oil Refinery.

Queen's Award for AESSEAL

AESSEAL is proud to announce that the company has been awarded a Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016

AESSEAL achieves 5 star Health and Safety grade

AESSEAL is pleased to announce it has achieved a five star grading from its Five Star Safety, Health and Environmental Integrated Audit conducted by the British Safety Council. Awarded in March 2016

AESSEAL and the IMechE donate 50k to Sheffield Hallam University to encourage more women into engineering

AESSEAL® and The Institution of Mechanical Engineers have donated £50,000 to Sheffield Hallam University, aimed at encouraging more women to work in engineering.

The Duke of York's Business End Fund 2015 Recipients

Three months after it's launch eight community projects across Yorkshire are already benefiting from funding.

AESSEAL is a winner in the RoSPA Awards 2015

AESSEAL will be presented the Gold award in the prestigious annual scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Glasgow Hilton Hotel on September 17.

2nd Advanced Mechanical Seal Training

AESSEAL India Pvt Ltd, specialists in the design and manufacturing of mechanical seals and support systems conducted their 2nd Advanced Mechanical Seal Training program on July 15, 2015 in Pune.

New Configurable by Design Component Seal Range Launched

AESSEAL has launched a completely reengineered modular component seal range that aims to raise the industry standard and allow configurable component seals to be built to order.

Continued Profit Growth for AES Engineering

The company behind one of the world’s leading mechanical-seal manufacturers, AES Engineering Ltd, has delivered its 32nd consecutive year of profit growth despite a small decrease in sales.Results for the year to 31st December 2014 show that the parent company to the AESSEAL Group had sales of £142m during the year down 3.1% on 2013. The company advises the largest impact on reduced sales was adverse currency movements, when compared to 2013 and that allowing for exchange differences like-for-like sales growth was 2.7%. 

AESSEAL Invest in new Asian Headquarters

AESSEAL is pleased to announce further investment in the Asian region with the opening of a new purpose built Asian headquarters in Selangor on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

AESSEAL India’s Technology Retreat-2015

Building on its reputation for innovation, AESSEAL India organised its first ‘Technology Retreat of 2015’ on 25th February 2015 at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, providing an expert and practical insight into the API and dry gas seals.

AESSEAL recognised as an investor in people for the 20th consecutive year

The accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate.

AESSEAL Welcomes Business Secretary Vince Cable on the Back of 8.7m investment

AESSEAL recently employed the 100,000th person to secure a job through the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) The Business Secretary visited the Rotherham headquarters to meet graduate Luke Purshouse.

AESSEAL INDIA Launches its New SWIFT Center in Hyderabad

AESSEAL India has expanded its operations by opening a new Service Center

The AESSEAL New York Stadium

AESSEAL is pleased to announce an agreement with Rotherham United to become the Club’s first ever stadium naming rights partner.

AESSEAL is among the winners in the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2014.

AESSEAL® is among the winners in the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2014.

Pump and Turbo Symposia Exhibition

AESSEAL will be exhibiting at the Pump and Turbo Symposia Exhibition 2014 from September 22 – 25 2014 at the George R Brown convention center, Houston Texas. 

12th European Fluid Machinery Congress

AESSEAL is one of the main sponsors at the 12th European Fluid Machinery Congress hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Advanced Mechanical Seal Training at AESSEAL India

AESSEAL India Pvt Ltd, conducted an advanced mechanical seal training program in Pune.

AESSEAL now offers a full range of ATEX products and services

AESSEAL have now successfully completed ATEX certification of their standard mechanical seal product range. The products are certified to comply with ATEX directive 94/9/EC

New EasyClean from AESSEAL

EasyClean™ from AESSEAL®, helping improve hygiene standards in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry AESSEAL® is pleased to announce the launch of the patent pending EasyClean™ seal support system.

IMechE President visits AESSEAL

Patrick Kniveton the IMechE president delivered his presidential address at Rotherham based AESSEAL®

IMechE Presidential Address 2014

IMechE President Patrick Kniveton BSc (Hons) MBA CEng FIMechE FIET, is at AESSEAL® on the 11th March talking about his vision that engineers should be sending the outside world a clear message, that engineering and manufacturing are the cornerstones of a successful and profitable nation. For further information please visit the IMechE website here

LabTecta bearing protection range from AESSEAL is now ATEX certified.

A complete range of patented bearing protection products with full ATEX certification.

AESSEAL featured as "company to inspire Britain"

Rotherham based AESSEAL plc, has been named as one of the “1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain”...

AESSEAL recognised for excellence in sustainable development

AESSEAL plc were announced as winners of the special category for Sustainability at the North of England Excellence Awards ceremony held in Manchester.

Accreditation for AESSEAL’s No-Compromise Ethics

In a strong endorsement of the group’s uncompromising ethics – AESSEAL South Africa have recently been accredited by Trace International for their commitment to the fight against bribery and corruption.

AESSEAL Rotating equipment training

Companies seeking to improve their operations can take advantage of AESSEAL’s specialist training for their maintenance personnel, engineers and purchasing staff.

Developments in the USA and South Africa

AES Engineering Ltd. is the Holding Company for the AESSEAL® and AESPUMP® Groups. AESSEAL® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechanical seals

Directors to tackle three marathons in three days

Two senior directors of South Yorkshire firm AESSEAL plc will swap their desks for pounding out a triple marathon in three consecutive days.

30 consecutive years of growth

The ingrained ethos of putting customers at the heart of its business has powered AES Engineering Ltd to its 30th consecutive year of sales and profit growth.

AESSEAL Ireland celebrate two decades of success

The AESSEAL Ireland team hosted two free Reliability Focused Engineering Evenings in Cork and Dublin, as a big thank you to their customers.

Titans scrum down to support local apprentices

Local rugby team Rotherham Titans visited AESSEAL global headquarters, Templeborough, to show their support of National Apprentice Week.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Presidential Address

The president of more than 100,000 mechanical engineering professionals has called for improved measurement of climate change.

AVT Joins AES Engineering ltd Group

Leading reliability firm, AV Technology, has been acquired by the AES Engineering Group for an undisclosed sum today

Made in Sheffield Award

AESSEAL took the main prize at this year’s Made in Sheffield Awards, the Made in Sheffield trophy itself, the most prestigious business award for the City Region

Continued US Expansion

AESSEAL plc, the world’s fourth-largest designer and manufacturer of mechanical seals, is investing $5m (£3.1m) in expanding its US operation and has also purchased land and buildings on a site neighbouring its UK headquarters.

AESSEAL Invests in Apprenticeships

An MP for an industrial constituency has called for apprenticeship programmes to be set up across the UK.

AESSEAL Customer Training 2013

Customer training is fully inclusive and a typical two day training session includes two full days of training in rotating equipment reliability

AESSEAL International Trade Company of the Year

AESSEAL® has been named as the International Trade Company of the Year at the 2011 International Trade Awards. The awards exclusively recognise the success of exporters, importers and those trading overseas and were presented this week at the House of Lords.   According to a statement from the International Trade Awards:  

AESSEAL wins overall award for Manufacturing Excellence at MX2011

The awards are based on a process of intensive benchmarking, measuring performance on vital manufacturing issues. This benchmarking is followed by an assessment visit and a presentation to a panel of distinguished judges.

Open Day Success

Presentation of 2011 Queen's Award and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers presidential address, introduced by ImechE regional manager, Dennis Heeley who stated that the award was given due to the company's "commitment to excellence

AESSEAL wins 2011 Queen's Award

AESSEAL is proud to have been presented with a 2011 Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade Category.

High Praise from National BBC Radio

A crew from BBC Radio 4 were onsite to interview AESSEAL's Group Managing Director, Chris Rea, OBE

AESSEAL creates £1 Million charitable fund

AESSEAL® has demonstrated its continuing commitment to supporting local communities by making a series of donations to the South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF). By making a series of donations throughout a three year programme AESSEAL® has created a charitable endowment fund which, after match funding through the Grassroots Grants programme, is worth almost £1 million. Pauline Grice, chief executive of SYCF, said:  "AESSEAL is a shining example of a community focussed organisation that has a real commitment to improving the area in which it operates.”

AESSEAL Breaks £100m Turnover

As the end of the year approaches, AESSEAL® has broken through a significant milestone. On Monday, 20th December 2010, the business achieved £100 million pounds sterling in sales in a calendar year for the first time. This last year is the latest in 30 consecutive years of uninterrupted sales growth. Obviously, this figure will continue to rise between this date and the end of the year, with the total sales for 2010 expected to total approximately £103 million.

AESSEAL enhances UK & Ireland Pump Repair Capability

We are delighted to announce that AES Engineering has acquired Ceetak Engineering Group. This will allow us to further develop our already industry leading pump repair services and further the AESPUMP Division.

Seven representatives from the AESSEAL group of companies visit Buckingham Palace
AESSEAL off to the Palace

AESSEAL group of companies was awarded the equivalent of FOUR company knighthoods in this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.