In what is believed to be a global first the Japanese plant of DMG Mori, a world leading machine tool manufacturer, has supplied AESSEAL in Rotherham with energy-friendly machine tools designed to work directly at European standard voltages, avoiding a wasteful transformation step.

DMG Mori has delivered £3.97 million pounds worth of cutting-edge machine tools to Rotherham Company, AESSEAL plc's 'Factory for the Future' on the Bradmarsh Industrial Estate. The machines work directly at 400v 3-phase, which is used by industry throughout Europe including the UK.

All previous machines of this calibre were produced to the Japanese 200v 3-phase electrical standard and required step up transformation to UK voltage, with a loss of approximately 5% of the energy used in the transformation.

AESSEAL, one of the world's largest manufacturers of mechanical seals used by global industry, runs Betterworld.Solutions, a philanthropic environmental best practice sharing organisation, of which DMG Mori is also a leading member.

Dr Masahiko Mori, the President of DMG Mori stated:

Many of our machine tools are used globally and it makes sense to modify our production lines for new machine tool models for global customers. The four machines supplied to AESSEAL in October were the first machines that we produced to the new 400v 3-phase standard.

Chris Rea, Managing Director of AESSEAL said:

Our 'Factory for the Future' is an investment in our company and a sign of our faith in the people of Rotherham and South Yorkshire. With the assistance of DMG Mori the equipment used will now be more environmentally friendly. The total investment in robotic production, the four new machine tools just installed and those due for delivery early in 2024, is £15.5million, making a great start to filling a factory that is both a showcase for responsible industry and a fantastic working environment.

Dr Mori added:

DMG Mori are proud members of Betterworld.Solutions as we were fully committed to sharing environmental best practice, to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Chris gave us a great chance to change to 400V.

The £3.97 million machine tool order for the Factory for the Future is in addition to the recently reported £9.75 million order for state-of-the-art robots which are designed to free up the Rotherham company's workforce for higher value tasks and maintain the company's competitiveness in global markets.