A world-leading provider of quality mechanical seals

We’re far more than just a supplier of new and replacement parts. Our one overriding aim is to exceed expectation: for delivery, quality, reliability and service.

AESSEAL® products are in demand worldwide, and across all industry sectors. Wherever we supply, the story is the same: our sealing technology delivers increased reliability, demonstrated by improved mean time between failure.

Though we have particular expertise in Oil & Gas, our reputation for customer service and product performance is spreading quickly, and today we are working with an impressive portfolio of customers, in an equally impressive range of industries.


AESSEAL® supplies reliable mechanical seal technology and systems that increase uptime of pump equipment to help companies achieve higher quality.

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AESSEAL® is a market-leader in this industry with over 4,000 seal installations and 2,500 system installations.

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

AESSEAL® has developed innovative new sealing solutions to the myriad challenges of these industries.

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Food & Beverage

AESSEAL® has inventoried solutions to suit many types of equipment found in this industry and has proven expertise in the processes.

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AESSEAL® supplying reliable sealing solutions for all your on-board needs.

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Metal & Glass-Working

AESSEAL® has a range of sealing technologies to increase reliability for all stages of glass/metal processing.

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Mining & Minerals

AESSEAL® mining solutions are designed to handle the most arduous applications.

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Oil & Gas

Our competitive, and continuing, advantage in this sector comes from offering innovative solutions with measurable value.

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Power Generation

AESSEAL® is probably the only global seal solution provider who can address all the seal issues in this market.

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Pulp & Paper

AESSEAL® has introduced a range of innovative, patented products to meet the vast range of demands of the pulp and paper and paper-recycling industries.

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Water & Waste Water

AESSEAL® has sealing technology solutions, with proven-reliability, for each stage of the process.

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Our philosophy, like our ordering process, is simple:

We'll do whatever it takes to deliver, wherever and whenever it's needed. Our aim is to consistently exceed expectation and meet even the most complex briefs and challenging lead times.

Through continuous investment, unique modular technology and an unparalleled dedication to customer service we aim to constantly exceed expectation.

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