Applications within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have traditionally been very difficult to seal. Most liquids and mediums that require sealing are corrosive and the seals are used in very arduous situations. AESSEAL® has developed innovative new sealing solutions to these problems.

AESSEAL® products provide superior performance, can incorporate exotic alloy technology and non-metallic parts, plus hazardous area certification where required. For the pharmaceutical industry AESSEAL® products can be supplied with FDA approved materials.

Our range of SCMS mixer seals are truly modular and its compact design allows for installation in restricted spaces. The SCMS can be provided with ATEX IECEx zone 0,1, 2 certification.

EasyClean™ based seals support system are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry or in other application where it is important to eliminate product contamination. The split design of the vessel means the fluid tank can be easily cleaned and inspected therefore reducing the risk of foreign objects or bacteria entering the process.

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Industry Solutions

  • Fine Chemical

    Fine chemical processes produce many of the chemicals necessary for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Safety, hygiene and reliability are paramount.

  • Drug Manufacture

    The manufacturing of commercial drugs can present many sealing challenges. This industry requires a hygienic and reliable sealing solution. AESSEAL® has a range of proven technologies to seal a range of applications, many of which are FDA approved.

  • Fertilizers

    Typically, fertilizers are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compounds and contain trace elements that improve plant growth. AESSEAL® provides mechanical seal technology to support each stage of the fertilizer manufacturing process. We also have methods of reducing the amount of effluent produced from the process and therefore deliver a reduction in treatment costs.

  • Bulk Chemical

    Within bulk chemical production, process reliability is key. Efficient chemical containment is also of paramount importance. This is why AESSEAL® has developed seal support technologies to protect the process. AESSEAL® has a range of proven technologies to seal a variety of applications, many of them FDA approved.