AESSEAL® have been helping customers in the automotive industry improve the availability of their rotating equipment for many years. AESSEAL® manufacture a wide range of sealing solutions, suitable for installation on a wide range of pumps found in the industry. These seals are proven to improve reliability and increase plant uptime.

The innovative EasyClean™ seal support system has helped major car manufacturers improve the performance of their vehicle painting and coating systems, reducing the contamination of the paint and improving the quality of the final product. The EasyClean™ vessel has an innovative split design that allows it to be opened for inspection and easy cleaning ensuring your process does not become contaminated by debris collected in the sealing system.

The AESSEAL® range of bearing protection products provide superior protection to bearing housings found on conveyors, pumps and motors. By preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture the life of bearings can be significantly improved, reducing one of the major causes of bearing failure and increasing uptime.

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