AESSEAL® have been helping the pulp and paper industry improve reliability, reduce water and energy consumption for many years.

With sealing solutions for the whole process from wood pulp, to the coatings kitchen. AESSEAL® work with customers to ensure that the best most efficient sealing solution is provided.

AESSEAL® water management systems in conjunction with dual seals have saved customers millions of gallons of water by recycling water rather than letting it enter the process or the effluent handling system. By preventing the injection of cold water into the process, energy consumption has also been significantly reduced saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. As an additional benefit the application of these systems has improved reliability by ensuring the seal operates in a controlled environment.

A unique opportunity for the Pulp and Paper industry

You could reduce energy usage by 50,000 mmBTU on your multiple-effect evaporators.

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Multiple effect evaporator efficiency

Upgrading lip seals to AESSEAL® bearing protectors has driven significant reliability improvements in the pulp and paper industry. Bearing protection products are available for pumps, motors and pillow/plummer blocks. For more information about how you could improve reliability see case histories.

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Industry Solutions

  • Paper Mill

    AESSEAL® has introduced a range of innovative, patented products to meet the vast range of demands of the pulp and paper and paper-recycling industries.

    We aim to design and manufacture products that exceed expectations for reliability and performance:

    • Exotic alloy technology for chemical and bleaching mills
    • Axial movement seals for refining equipment
    • Patented Seal Support System solutions for hot or arduous applications, including condensate and digester liquor.
    AESSEAL® has proven expertise in all pulp and paper production processes.
  • Pulp Mill

    The AESSEAL® product range encompasses sealing solutions for equipment typically found in the Pulp and Paper industry.

    Including solutions for Stock Process Pumps, Refiners, Screens, Agitators, Knotters, Deflakers, Pulpers, Fan Pumps and Turboseparators.

    We also offer a patented range of water management seal support systems to save water and increase reliability at each pumping stage. These innovative systems prevent water dilution into the process, which reduces your carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of energy necessary to evaporate this water at the paper-making stage.