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Trapezoid Packing

The AESSTAR™ range is specially produced with a non-uniform keystone section which forms the perfect cross-section when installed in the stuffing box.

The AESSTAR™ range transforms from a keystone into a square shape, providing an even pressure distribution over the entire stuffing box, avoiding leakage along the outer diameter and minimising the wear of both the shaft and the packing. This extends the life of the packing, improves the sealability and gives shorter run-in periods.

STYLE 275-TP Trapezoid Packing



Combination braid of expanded PTFE-Graphite and Para-Aramid fibre as corner reinforcement with special pore-filling impregnation.
STYLE-250-TP Trapezoid Packing


Aramid staple fibre with PTFE-blocking agent and silicone-free run-in lubricant.

Volume-stable, pressure-stable, and also usable for fittings. Excellent wear-resistance, suited to abrasive and hardening media.
STYLE-266-TP Trapezoid Packing


Combination braid of ePTFE Garn with incorporated Graphite and MetaAramid fibre and special pore-filling impregnation.

Highest practical standardisation possibilities. Equal reduced wear through special running-track reinforcement.
STYLE-285-TP Trapezoid Packing



'Clean packing’ required in applications where safety against contamination is required.
STYLE-366-TP Trapezoid Packing


Braided from integrated carbon fiber reinforced expanded graphite fiber with carbon corner reinforcement.

Non-hardening, good reset capability, coefficient of thermal expansion like steel.
STYLE-380-TP Trapezoid Packing


High-puricity carbon-fibre with cross-section impregnation and run-in lubricant.

Self-lubricating fibre with high carbon content and excellent heat transfer.
STYLE-745-TP Trapezoid Packing



Combination braid of PTFE and ePTFE fiber with incorporated heat-conductive Microparticles.