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API Plan 65B


Leakage from seal faces is directed to a liquid collection system. A vessel with a high level alarm is provided for detection of cumulative leakage.


  1. Normally used with single seals where the leakage is expected to be mostly liquid.
  2. Piping is connected to the drain connection of the gland plate.
  3. Leakage is collected in the vessel until the high level alarm is reached.
  4. The level switch alarms in the event of a seal failure.


  1. In services where seal leakage is condensing.
  2. Used for single seals.


  1. Vent connection should always be plugged.
  2. Overflow line should bypass system drain valve.
  3. Shut down the pump as soon as high-level alarm is activated and attend the seal.
  4. The valve between seal and system must remain open during pump operation.