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High Praise from National BBC Radio

As the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the country's Budget, a crew from BBC Radio 4 were onsite to interview AESSEAL's Group Managing Director, Chris Rea, O.B.E: taking his opinions and response in 'real time' to the announcements.
During the broadcast, AESSEAL® were praised. The feature segment included the following introduction (speaking of - and from - our Rotherham plant):
"This plant - you can probably hear the hum of the machinery - makes mechanical seals for pumps, and they're used in industry all over the World.

It's a huge hangar of a place, it's cleaner than a hospital inside, and the floors literally gleam. And this is the face of modern hi-tech manufacturing; we need more of this. When you walk the corridors here, they're lined with industry and export awards."
This is just the latest example of the positive media and customer acclaim the company has received recently, and we thank BBC Radio 4 for their support.