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API Plan 76


Vapour leakages from inboard seal of dual containment seal are directed to a vapour recovery system via a vent connection.


1. Can be used with Plan 72 with buffer gas or with Plan 71 without buffer gas system.

2. Vapour leakage collection ensures zero to very low process emissions from outboard containment seal.


1. For high vapour pressure fluids, light hydrocarbons.

2. For hazardous or toxic media.


1. Do not use for condensing media.

2. Ensure continuous vent to low pressure vapour recovery or flare system.

3. Tubing shall be 1/2” (13mm) minimum diameter and shall rise continuously from the CSV connection to the piping / instrumentation harness.

4. A flow control orifice is required to generate back pressure.

5. Ensure proper support to harness piping.

6. Ensure a low point drain in the piping system.