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Braided from integrated carbon fiber reinforced expanded graphite fiber with carbon corner reinforcement.



  • Non-hardening, good reset capability, coefficient of thermal expansion like steel

  • Self-lubricating excellent use in pumps, minimising the need of flush water

  • Universal plant-wide use in static and rotating applications

  • Superb dry running characteristic

  • Packing should be compressed to a density of 1.3 to 1.5 during installation

  • We recommend die-formed rings

  • High temperature resistant, excellent heat and electric conductive

  • Wear and extrusion stability through carbon fibre corner reinforcement

  Suitable for:  power stations, boiler houses, petrochemical and paper industries. Also available In square shape as Style 365 and without corner reinforcement as Style 335.

STYLE-366-TP Trapezoid Packing