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Fluid Distribution Unit

The AESSEAL FDU (Fluid Distribution Unit) is an efficient and high performance forced circulation PUMPPAC™ system.

The product was developed to meet the requirements of the API Plan 54 piping plan, which maximizes heat dump potential for more arduous pump applications. 

The FDU is adaptable to a wide range of industry applications with the fitting of additional equipment (optional: accumulator, level switch / transmitter and pressure switch/transmitter). Please note that both oil and water can be used with the FDU.


  • Independent low cost / pressurized fluid supply system - Removes the expense of piping a pressurized clean water / oil supply to a new area of the plant           
  • Can feed a number of seal support systems - Removes the expense of purchasing one system per mechanical seal          
  • Optional pressure switch and accumulator - Enables greater control of water / oil line pressure from the FDU™ 
  • Reduced energy consumption - The system can be operated intermittently to reduce energy costs via dead-ended piping
Forced Circulation System - Fluid Distribution Unit

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Suitable for the following industries

Oil and Gas Pump Seals
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Pump Seals
Pulp and Paper Pump Seals
Mining and Minerals Pump Seals
Power Generation Pump Seals
Biofuels Pump Seals
Automotive Pump Seals
Metal Processing Pump Seals

Suitable for following API Plans